FINA 250 Module 4: Financial Institutions and Cash Management

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  • Manage your cash and understand why you need liquid assets
  • Automate your savings
  • Choose from among the different types of financial institutions that provide cash management services
  • Compare the various cash management alternatives
  • Compare rates on the different liquid investment alternatives
  • Establish and use a checking account
  • Transfer funds electronically and understand how electronic funds transfers (EFTs) work

Reading For This Module:

Chapter 5 – Keown, Arthur, “Personal Finance: Turning Money into Wealth, Prentice Hall Publishing. 6th edition

Textbook PowerPoint (.pptx 573KB 19SL)

Opening Vignettes:

Lately, Financial Institutions have gotten a bad rep, but they are often still the best places to securely place your liquid (easily accessed) assets.

Regular people stand before a delapidated bank saying to a banker:

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Saving For An Emergency – Funny Money (video) (2:55)

Having enough money on hand to cover potential emergencies is an important part of financial stability.Funny Money Saving For An Emergency

Introduction: Cash Management/Financial Institutions

This module establishes the importance of implementing an effective cash management plan. The basic premise is the importance of maintaining some liquid assets to be used in the event of an emergency. Cash management institutions, their features, and the characteristics of the accounts offered are summarized. Strategies for selecting and using cash management vehicles, such as the checking account, are discussed. Financial institutions are also compared and contrasted as to services.

Dr. Waller Lecture: Cash/Liquid Asset Management (video) (13:59)

This video lecture discusses the importance of cash management and the need for liquidity, particularly for emergency use.

Cash/Liquid Asset Management Lecture PowerPoint (.pptx 1.3MB 23SL)

Depository Lending Institutions

Please print out, read and complete the worksheets below.

Introduction to Depository Institutions (.pdf 5pp 818KB)
Learn about the types of banks and what differentiates them.

Depository Institutions (.pptx 33sl 1.37MB)
Learn along with Josie things to consider when picking a bank.

Comparing Depository Institutions (.pdf 1p 605KB)
Worksheet for Josie’s banking comparison.

Importance of savings (.pptx 35sl 2.47MB)
Learn about savings and how it differs from investing.


  • Cash management is balancing the risk of not having enough in liquid assets with the potential for greater return on other investments
  • Automatically save some of your income and learn to live on take-home income
  • Choose cash management alternatives from among deposit-type and nondeposit-type institutions
  • Compare various cash management alternatives
  • With checking accounts look into cost, convenience, consideration, and safety
  • Electronic funds transfer transactions occur immediately and avoid use of cash or check

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