MANG 575 Module 2: Describing data


  • Be able to organize data into a frequency distribution
  • Be able to construct a relative frequency distribution
  • Be able to construct a histogram, line graph and pie chart

Reading For This Module:

Chapter 2 – Textbook
Text PowerPoints (.PPT)

Opening Vignettes:

document 2 (.pptx)


We have all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  This also applies in the world of business statistics.  Although many times we refer to these pictures as graphs.

Look at the relationship between the square footage of a property and selling price.  Clearly there is a positive relationship.

Chapter overview:

Summary of this module.

Dr. Waller Lecture: Describing Data

(No video for this chapter)

Practice Quiz

Practice Quiz for this module, feel free to take multiple times


Take the quiz for this module on Canvas.

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