MANG 575 Module 8: Sampling


  • Understand that many/most times a sample is the best that is available to learn something about the desired population
  • Describe the different methods in which to conduct a sample
  • Understand the sampling distribution of the sample mean
  • Understand and be able to apply the central limit theorem

Reading For This Module:

Chapter 8 – Textbook
Textbook Power Points (.pptx)

Opening Vignettes:


In this chapter, we discuss sampling and how to infer something from about a population by taking a sample.  Several sampling methods are discussed.

Next, we illustrate how the sample means tend to cluster around the population mean.

Finally, we show that regardless of the distribution of the population, if the sample if sufficiently large, the sampling distribution will be approximately normal

Dr. Waller Lecture: Sampling (video)

Lecture Power Points (.pptx)


Summary of this module.

Practice Quiz

Practice Quiz for this module, feel free to take multiple times


Take the quiz for this module on Canvas.

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