MANG 575 Module 10: Hypothesis testing


  • Understand what is a hypothesis
  • Be able to conduct a hypothesis test about a population mean
  • Be able to conduct a hypothesis test about a population proportion
  • Be able to distinguish between a one-tailed and two-tailed hypotheses tests
  • Be able to define and distinguish between Type I and Type II errors

Reading For This Module:

Chapter 10 – Textbook
Lecture Power Point (.pptx)

Opening Vignettes:


In the previous chapter we calculated confidence intervals, which gives us a range of values in which the population parameter (mean) is expected to occur.  Now we conduct a test to examine the validity of a statement (hypothesis) about a population parameter.  Some examples of such a statement that we might be interested in testing include;

  • The average delivery time for a pizza company
  • The average grade earned by student in statistics
  • The average starting salary of graduates of business schools

 Hypothesis – A statement about a population parameter.  For example, we want to test that the average GPA of business students is greater than 2.0

Dr. Waller Lecture: Hypothesis Testing (video)

Lecture Power Point (.pptx)


Summary of this module.

Practice Quiz

Practice Quiz for this module, feel free to take multiple times.


Take the quiz for this module on Canvas.

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