Real Estate

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Course Purpose:

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the major financial topics and their usage to plan for the short and long term to have financial stability.

Course Prerequisites, Required Competencies & Technical Skills :

Students will need to be familiar with computer usage, have access to a computer and internet connection consistently of a DSL or higher speed.

You are encouraged to use the full screen view or open in YouTube on YouTube class videos (lower right corner of the video interface)

Real Estate Syllabus SP2019

Syllabus or this section Covers:

  • Class etiquette
  • Tech skills/prerequisites
  • Tips to success
  • Grading policy
  • Contact expectations / feedback policy
  • Distinguish between required and optional material
  • Requirements for student interaction
  • Links for support (technology, disability services, accessibility, tutoring, office hours)


Real Estate Principles Modules:



Chapter 1: The Nature of Real Estate and Real Estate Markets – LA5_Ch01
Chapter 2:  Legal Foundation to Value – LA5_Ch02
Chapter 3:  Conveying Real Property Interests – LA5_Ch03
Chapter 4:  Government Controls and Real Estate Markets – LA5_Ch04
Chapter 5:  Market Determinants of Value – LA5_Ch05
Chapter 6:  Forecasting Ownership Benefits and Value: Market Research – LA5_Ch06
  EXAM 1
Chapter 7:  Valuation Using the Sales Comparison and Costs Approach – LA5_Ch07
Chapter 8:  Valuation Using the Income Approach – LA5_Ch08
Chapter 9:  Real Estate Finance: The Laws and Contracts – LA5_Ch09
Chapter 10:  Residential Mortgage Types and Borrower Decisions – LA5_Ch10
Chapter 11:  Sources of Funds for Residential Mortgages – LA5_Ch11
Chapter 12:  Real Estate Brokerage and Listing Contracts – LA5_Ch12
  EXAM 2
Chapter 13:  Contracts for Sale and Closing – LA5_Ch13
Chapter 14:  The Effects of Time and Risk on Value – LA5_Ch14
Chapter 15:  Mortgage Calculations and Decisions – LA5_Ch15
Chapter 16:  Commercial Mortgage Types and Decisions – LA5_Ch16
Chapter 17:  Sources of Commercial Debt and Equity Capital – LA5_Ch17
Chapter 18:  Investment Decisions: Ratios – LA5_Ch18
Chapter 19: Investment Decisions: NPV and IRR – LA5_Ch19
Chapter 20: Income taxation and value – LA5_Ch20
Chapter 21: Enhancing Value through Ongoing Management – LA5_Ch21
Chapter 22: Leases and Property Types – LA5_Ch22
Chapter 23: Development: They Dynamics of Creating Value – LA5_Ch23